About me & Apps Nation, LLC

As the founder of Apps Nation, LLC, I am a software developer with 15+ years of experience and have been working in Data Science for 8+ years. I have a BSc in Statistics and Computer Science, MSc in Electronics and Computer Education, and Ph.D. in Energy Technology.

I am working in the fields below:

⭐ Demand Forecasting & Time Series

⭐ Full Stack ML Application (Flask + Vue.js)

⭐ Streamlit Apps Development / Hosting

⭐ Feature Engineering

⭐ Sentiment Analysis & Sentiment Modeling

⭐ Association Analysis & Recommendation Systems

⭐ Memory/User/Model  Based Collaborative Filtering

⭐ Product/Reviews Rating & Sorting

⭐ A/B Testing & Dynamic Pricing

⭐ Level-Based Personas with Rule-Based Classification

⭐ Customer Segmentation with RFM Analysis & K-Means

⭐ Customer Lifetime Value Prediction

⭐ BG-NBD: Expected Sales Forecasting

⭐ Gamma-Gamma: Expected Average Profit

⭐ Text Mining & Natural Language Processing

⭐ Automated Machine Learning

⭐ Production Level Data Science

⭐ Bubble Webapp + DB, Responsive Design, GPT, and other integrations